Official social events

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will take place at the conference site, under the arcades in the evening of 25 July 2010.

  • The program starts at 6.00 pm and ends at 10.00 pm. It includes a buffet dinner with drinks.
  • Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 1, 1010 Wien (at the Main Building of the University of Vienna)

Participation at this evening is included in the registration fee. The opening festivities are open to all registered participants, accompanying persons and exhibitors.

Farewell dinner
at a famous Viennese "Heurigen"


The Farewell dinner will take place at the Heurigen "Mayer am Pfarrplatz" ("Beethoven house") in the evening of 28 July 2010.

  • The program starts at 8.00 pm and has an open end. It includes a buffet dinner with wine.
  • Mayer am Pfarrplatz,
    Pfarrplatz 2
    A-1190 Wien
    Tel: +43 1 3701287

Participation at this evening is included in the registration fee.

Mayer am Pfarrplatz ("Beethoven house")

As old as the history of Vienna itself is the history of its wine. In the Third Century A.D., the Roman Emperor Probus promoted grape growing in the Roman provinces, and here in Vienna the grapes thrived. Ever since then wine has been drunk here. Light, fresh and tasty the “noble nectar” trickles down the throat and makes one merry and warm.

A special attraction is the romantic old house of the Mayer family, which is completely unchanged since Ludwig van Beethoven lived there in 1817. The Mayer family has lived in Grinzing and Heiligenstadt since 1683. All the wine they serve originates completely from their family-owned and self managed vineyards, and is of select quality. About half of the vintage is served at “Heurigen”, the rest is sold in bottles. Their wines can be found on the wine lists of many first class hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Ludwig van Beethoven lived in this house on Pfarrplatz in the summer of 1817. At that time there was a spa in Heiligenstadt, which Beethoven visited, hoping to find relief from his constantly worsening deafness. During an earlier stay in Heiligenstadt, Beethoven composed his 6th Symphony (Pastoral), and while staying in this house, he worked on his greatest opus, the 9th Symphony (Choral).

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