Welcome to the website of the 2nd Canine Science Forum 2010!

The 2nd Canine Science Forum will take place in Vienna, Austria, July 25-28, 2010.

Hunde: Neues aus Wissenschaft und Praxis: Satellitensymposium in deutscher Sprache für Tierärzte, Hundetrainer, Therapiehundeführer etc. 29. Juli 2010, Veterinärmedizinische Universität, Wien

What is the Canine Science Forum?

The 1st Canine Science Forum in Budapest in July 2008 confirmed that there is a need for an interdisciplinary forum that brings together scientists with different expertise on Canines. The participants of the first conference expressed their desire to meet regularly, and the Canine Science Forum was decided to be a biannual meeting.

Aims and Scope

The Canine Science Forum brings together scientists with different expertise on Canines. Through enhancing communication between various fields it aims at substantiating canine biology in order to develop it as a major model for biological investigations.

The Canine Science Forum also intends to utilize science as a source of knowledge to promote…

  • the emergence of an interdisciplinary field of canine biology
  • better integration of dogs in our rapidly changing modern society
  • the advantageous roles of dogs in our society and thus increase their well-being
  • dog science that develops non-invasive research technologies (Good Scientific Practice)


Science article: The number of research labs studying cognition in domestic dogs is increasing
"Cognitive scientists once spurned the dog as too domesticated to study. But now many are leaping at the chance to use man’s best friend to help understand how social cognition evolved."
(28 August 2009, Science, 325: 1062-1065.)

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